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590 Windows of My World 9 by Jackie Claflin

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Price: $13.95
Item Number: 590
OIL BOOK.  Cottages, dreamy scenes of the outdoors and nostalgic moments fill Jackies most recent book. Jackie has created a collection of beautifully painted scenes you will want to paint. A scene from days gone by, a horse carriage a sleigh make their way to a snow covered church as the warm glow from inside welcomes those in. A rock wall with an arched gateway, covered in flowers pink, soft blue and violet beckons you to the light beyond in a richly painted scene. Deer grazing in a meadow near a cottage white gazebo and stream at the end of the day is serene and quiet. A enchanted Cotswold type cottage nestled in beautiful blooming flowers sits near a stone bridge and stream with 3 elegant swans gracefully swimming in the water. A snowy winter sunrise scene, along a ponds edge two deer drink with a pink hued snow capped mountain and log cabin reflecting the warm glow of a golden fire inside. Mountain Scene and Tipis, captures a quiet moment at sunset as the tipis are pitched along the waters edge with a snow capped mountain in the distance. One of may favorite paintings, at dusk a classic white lighthouse shines its light out to sea and towards a clipper ship with sails full mast as the crisp blue waves crash at its base. There are more projects than described in this gorgeous book of Jackies.
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