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Gran's Cottage by Ros Stallcup

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Price: $24.95
Item Number: 533
You will be smitten with the enchanting designs presented in Ros Stallcups newest book Grans Cottage. From cover to cover there are projects to fit all occasions and find the perfect place in your cottage . Enamelware, used and new, or the chalkboard painted with vibrant cherries, apples or geraniums are just the right accent pieces for the kitchen or family room. Create a welcoming, creative door crown or table for your entryway. One glance will lead you to create unforgettable gifts for the special person on your gift list when you paint and give the Creamy Roses pieces. Each one is unique and will be cherished by all and become special keepsakes. Paint a tea box or tea set adorned with roses and lilacs. There is something special about flowers and nature captured on signboards, clocks, and address boards. Youll find grapes, cherries, apples, berries and more painted on a wide selection of surfaces. Graceful leaves are featured on a sewing box, switchplate, trash bin, old book and more. Transport wine in a stylish manner and safely for an evening shared with friends or on a picnic in the beautiful wine carrier designed for all occasions. Last but not least is the floor cloth and door crown designed just right to brighten your home for the Christmas season. There are pages of color step by step photos. Youll find Grans Cottage a treasury of ideas and inspiration for all levels of painters and guaranteed to be a bright spot in your day. Again, another must have book.
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