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528 Gifts & Greetings By Susan Scheewe Brown


Price: $12.95
Item Number: 528
WATERCOLOR & ACRYLIC BOOK.   Susans newest book Greetings and Gifts give you unlimited possibilities to create not only a special keepsake gift but also personalize it even more with a handpainted card and message. Add beauty and excitement to any room with the elegant pink or yellow roses painted on clocks, box or done as beautiful paintings to add elegance to you decor. These roses look so lush, you can almost feel the velvet petals and breathe the fragrant perfume. Slates painted with chickadees or a rich, jewel tone Fall landscape will be a welcomed gift and the cards will be such a special greeting Plan a special party at Halloween using the pumpkins or at Christmas paint the delightful snowmen creating your own handpainted invitations and decorations, The teddy bear frame will become a cherished keepsake when you place your special loved ones photo in it. What a wonderful 1st birthday gift. Paint the luscious roses, petunias, geraniums and daisies, mat, frame and do a card. What a special way to answer the questions What can I give to someone special who has everything. The daisies in a woven textured basket with a shake patterned background would be a wonderful addition to any room or make such a personal greeting. Susan has provided step by step detailed patterns, color photographs, preparation and finishing information for all the different surface choices that will guide you toward completion of each project. The use of both acrylics and watercolor techniques are given as well as shown on the companion 4 video set presented on PBS. Knowledge and confidence will be gained by all levels of painters. A must have book.
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