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Garden Collection 2 By Bev Hink Birdwell

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Price: $25.95
Item Number: 581
ACRYLIC BOOK.  Beautiful flowers are what fill Bev's latest book. Realistic and lushly painted. If you like painting flowers this book is for you or if you have always wanted to paint a floral design there are many to choose from. The cover is brimming with a grand delicate pink rose. Blue, violet iris in full bloom are sure to tempt. Monets Garden is a beautiful scene with the charming green bridge over the lily pond, and sprinkled with flowers along its borders. Crisp white calla lilies are dramatic and clean. Pink hydrangeas just kissed by the sun are fresh and delicately poised in a beautiful painting. Springtime rhodies burst open with rich pink edges along its petals, announces springs arrival year round. A lavender rhodie, blossoms open, combines a complementary color scheme against the green foliage background to make a statement. Stunning iris starting with white at its outer edge then moving to yellow then to a rich plum these iris are soooo yummy. There are also a number of other floral portraits to inspire you, a pink dahlia, red rhodie, double delight rose bursting with the sent and color of summer with lipstick red petal edges, and a single pink tulip fresh with the morning dew.
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