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480 Enjoy Watercolor by Susan Scheewe Brown


Price: $12.95
Item Number: 480
WATERCOLOR BOOK.  Enjoy Watercolor is here, and it is full of paintings to inspire you to paint and to expand on your watercolor vocabulary. This book has treasured projects for both the beginner and intermediate/advance watercolorist. The cover has one of my personal favorites, delicately painted wild roses wrap around a garden watering can to create a delicious painting. Sue has painted spring time pansies gently spilling from a weathered enamel bucket, a wonderful memory as these were one of her dear Grandmothers favorite flowers. A nostalgic winter day is captured in Susans quiet snow laden scene of barn set against a backdrop of distant snow capped mountains and trees, snow gently falling from the sky. A serene winter moment along a stream bank as birds fly into the distance is peacefully beautiful. A wood duck walks into the grass along a ponds edge in a close up portrait style composition. A duck gently glides through the water as his reflection ripples with his movement. A stately rose so fresh you can almost smell its scent, is painted in a delicate pink with a creamy yellow surrounded by lush leaves. A rainbow trout clearly painted in all of its subtle colors feels so realistic it seems as though it should swim off. A happy snowman, scarf, hat and heart raises its twig arm to warmly say hello. A snowman and snowgirl wave hello from inside of a painted snowglobe, this will be a project to keep or to give to as a treasured gift. There are more painting to discover in this book plus step by step color pages. It is a book you will enjoy.
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