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545 Beginning Watercolors Scheewe Art Workshop By Susan Scheewe Brown


Price: $12.95
Item Number: 545
WATERCOLOR & ACRYLIC BOOK.  Retail $12.95 Sale $6.00. Here, in one well presented book, youll find that Susan Scheewe Brown gives the untrained watercolorist as well as those familiar with the medium, easily learned techniques to create the many projects in Beginning Watercolors just released. You will learn the basics of how to lay flat and graded washes on wet paper; how to master value and color, arranging your palette and how to paint wet-on-wet. Learn about special effects including drybrushing, salting, lifting color, scraping, masking and spattering. The old coffee pot sitting on a table filled with silk flowers will make a wonderful still life to hang in your home. Spring Elegance and Simply Spring capture the beauty and colors of the first blooming flowers of the new season. Create a compelling focal point with the vibrant sunflowers featured in Sunflower Bouquet and Sunflower , a repeated extra pattern from Watercolor Collection . Transform an ordinary wall into a bright and elegant eye-catcher by painting the poppies and iris featured in Oriental Favorites and Dimensional Iris. The landscapes capture the beauty of the four seasons and you will enjoy painting all four or picking your favorite time of year. Last but not least is the charming cart filled to the brim with colorful flowers to round out your painting enjoyment. Using both pen and ink with watercolor youll find this an easy and great painting. Each and every painting is inspired for a place in your home and to give as a special gift to someone near and dear to you. In this book, the basics of watercolor painting you will acquire are all thats needed to successfully master this medium with confidence. All projects are shown in color and there are many, many extra patterns. A 4 video tape set,13 one-half hour shows, is available with all the projects featured on the Susan Scheewe Art Workshop series shown on PBS.
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