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Tole-tilly Tickled by Lisa Brownie & Gina Knighton

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Price: $4.00
Item Number: 490
ACRYLIC BOOK.  This delightful first book by Lisa Brownie and Gina Knighton is filled with projects that will get you through all your Fall, Christmas and Easter holiday projects. These delightful designs are bound to keep your home filled with warm, happy and inviting greetings or to be given as a special gift. Surface are varied from jars, candles, tin buckets, wood pieces, clay pots, to even a pillow case. There are pumpkins, ghosts, bats and cats for Halloween. Welcome friends and family with the Theres Always Room For One More sign with lots of turkeys for the Thanksgiving holidays or give your hostess a painted filled with bean soup mix or popcorn as a thank you gift. Reindeer, Christmas trees and snowmen adorn the wide variety of surfaces for Christmas and will add that special holiday cheer for your home or gifts. Paint a basket, pot, candle or jar with bunnies and colorful eggs to celebrate the Easter holiday. This book is full of extra patterns that are great gifts for friends and family to say thank you or just have a great holiday. You will be totally tickled and smiling as you are painting these delightful projects. 12 Color Pages 72 Black & White Pages Retail $10.50
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